2016 06 WordCamp Europa Wien #WCEU

Juni 2016 Wien WordCamp Europe 2016 June 24-26, Vienna, Austria | #WCEU

Im Juni 2016 war ich in Wien beim europäischen WordCamp :: WordCamp Europe 2016 June 24-26, Vienna, Austria | #WCEU

Am Samstag konnte ich die folgenden Sessions wahrnehmen:

Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale
During a decade spent as a professional musician, I discovered web development and then WordPress, and made a primary career
switch. While on the surface they sound incongruous, I believe that skills I learned and honed as a classical pianist
have translated directly to becoming a leader in open source software development. Join me as I take a look at those
skills and celebrate alternative paths into WordPress.
Speaker Helen Hou-Sandí

Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale
Have you ever compared yourself to other designers / developers and felt like you’re not in their league?
Do you write code, but wouldn’t dare to call yourself a developer?
Do you shy away from contributing or publishing your code / designs / projects openly, because you’re worried you’re not good enough?
At WordCamps, are you afraid to ask “stupid” questions or admit if you don’t understand something? Yes?!
Congrats, you’re suffering from Impostor Syndrome. Most of us do, but not many talk about it!
I’d like to share my struggles with it and how I’m overcoming it. And so can you!
Speaker Sonja Leix

WordPress, state of the accessibility
How accessible is WordPress now, which improvements were made in the last years and what still needs to be done? Where
can you find help and documentation to improve your code? What are the new Accessibility Standards, added to the
WordPress Coding Standards? And as a bonus: 3 quick tips, to easily improve the accessibility of your theme or plugin.
Speaker Rian Rietveld

The Ultimate REST API talk Part 1 & 2
Come on a journey through all things WordPress REST API, we don’t have much time so strap yourselves in!
From the basics of REST to advanced customer endpoints, auth, JavaScript usage and WordPress to WordPress
communication, Joe attempts to provide a quick-fire look at many areas of the REST API and application development.
Expect many code examples, case studies, visualisations and metaphors; if you do get lost, be consoled by the fact
that Joe is almost certainly lost too!
Speaker Joe Hoyle

Using the REST API and JavaScript to create better WordPress interfaces
In this talk we’ll discover the breadth of new WordPress interfaces enabled by leveraging the WordPress REST API, such as
visualizations and new editor experiences. How can our API client libraries and the applications that use them be
designed for maximum flexibility? The future of WordPress is not one interface, but many.
Speaker K. Adam White

Privacy and the Web: are you doing what it takes?
We are building free software tools that both the public and developers can use to check how a website is doing with regards to privacy and
see what measures can be taken (and how). We’ll present this work and also talk about how developers are affected by
the new EU data protection laws and the death of Safe Harbor.
Speakers Amelia Andersdotter Anders Jensen-Urstad

Using Composer to create manageable WordPress websites
How to integrate Composer – PHP package manager – into process of developing WordPress websites: where to start, what tools could be
used, what changes in workflow should be made. People would get practical advice on how to start with configuration
examples and common problems solution. That’s the real-world case that my team and I use on everyday basis.
Speaker Anna Ladoshkina

Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch
WordPress search is notoriously lacking. Why? MySQL is not search optimized.
Elasticsearch is a scalable database that when coupled with WordPress produces extremely powerful results.
This talk will cover what Elasticsearch is, why it’s important, and integrating it with a WordPress website using a 10up open source plugin called ElasticPress. ElasticPress has become increasingly popular in the WordPress community even being leveraged by popular hosting companies such as WP Engine.
Speaker Taylor Lovett

From Blogger to WordPress Core Committer
I’ll talk about my humble beginnings as a WordPress user, developing a feature plugin and how I eventually got commit
access to WordPress core. What is it like to lead such a project? What is it like to break the web? Also, I will
reveal what Swiss chocolate has to do with getting commit access…
Speaker Pascal Birchler